Why Amotekun Represent Foolishness

                                                    Govenor Rotimi Akeredolu in Amotekun uniform

Foolishness at its best when there is police heavily funded but diverting away from duties to harass young people SARS and SACS. Even Akeredolu has several pins. From where did he earn them? Did he fight bandits? Amotekun is a waste of resources. 2300 graduates applied. Grads should get jobs in what they studied. N13K per month??? Your children and youth mates are fighting bandits and robbers so the highway can be safe for the rich and powerful.


  1. The children of the poor you refused to train/help will never let you children live in peace. Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

  2. this is a real facts.Nigeria we hail thee

  3. When the Federal Police are not providing the expected security of lives and even become threat to lives and properties in a chaotic and misruled nation the result is inevitable. Amotekun will also derail and become threat to lives because the system is constructed to support such vices and conduct.


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