MY HEALTH NOW: How I got EXCELLENT Emergency Treatment at a Wellness Center--DR Kemi Olunloyo

THANK YOU TO @doren_hospital
Nothing but Professional. From my arrival at the main hospital to the wellness center, Doren staff attended to me very promptly and caring. This hospital is CLEAN! It is a very affordable place. Dr Amenze Okoeguale was so nice to me. She promptly attended to me in her office talking to me about my entire medical history. I came with a list. Dr Amenze is brilliant. I'm a retired clinical and retail Pharmacist as well as a medical Journalist so I discussed with her in detail about medications that will help me with my sudden elevated blood pressure for two weeks and continuous anxiety attacks. I had a lot of shortness of breath which complicated my asthma. She diagnosed me as being hypertensive secondary to my age and #ptsd symptoms, prescribed Amliodipine and Hydrochlothiazide a diuretic and Calcium channel blocker for the heart. This combo works well as a low dose therapy for hypertension. She stressed that I should reduce STRESS, work out daily and cut down on high cholesterol foods and salt. Eat more baked and smoked meats. She will be monitoring me for the next 30 days and I purchased a blood pressure machine. 

Over a course of every two hours the meds reduced my BP tremendously to normal. I arrived there at 11:30 am July 22nd 2020 and I'm home now with a stable blood pressure and will abide by the rules of avoiding anything that triggers stress. For my Post Traumatic stress disorder when Nigerian police abducted me in 2017, she prescribed Amytriptyline for me at bedtime. I will sleep without stress and anxiety. What a knowledge dependable doctor! I will visit Doren again in 30days. I turn 56yo August 6th a birthday I want to see. Thank you Doren hospital for your emergency care. Nobody knew me prior to visiting here as some ppl think because I'm a public figure, I got good service. They are just Professional. Finally to my artist @iamwealth9ja and my son @richkjtmusic who drove me to both Doren locations today and the pharmacy, Thank you. To the fans that met me today @mavis_mcfancy and VICTOR!! Met me on the street, paid for my BP machine, many of u sending me tokens, wishing me well all day, THANK U❤️

Kemi Olunloyo Pharm.D


  1. Dear Kemi
    Your articles so on point. You call what is white a white and what is black a black.

    We appreciate you for doing a tremendous work on the issues of healthcare in the country.

    My mum was diabetic patient and she passed away last year. I felt really sad, not just for her, but for the over 100,000 people who dies every year because of similar illness, but yet, The countries are not looking into these records or finding more ways to prevent people from dying in this numbers.

    However, we created an online platform (slaticos) mainly on Facebook, our mission is to educate people on these issues as well as empower the society.

    Please like and share if you can.

    Thank you 🙏

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  3. May god be with you Dr kemi.
    I have diabetes also 2 years ago. And it has cause me a eyes cartarat. In my both eyes, fortunately I did the surgery for one eye. Am managing only one eye now. Am just 24yrs.I suspended my school due to the illiness. I will very glad if I see any assistance.


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