George Floyd death in Minneapolis: 30 May 2020 - AS.com

Your country's economy is crippled by Coronavirus and you are with fellow whites destroying businesses and looting. What message does that send to George Floyd's memory? By the time you all cool down, you will have destroyed the economy more and possibly 200,000 new covid 19 cases. How do you explain all this foolishness??

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  1. This writing is too short to warrant being a blog post.

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  3. I was in Main streets, New York few weeks ago, and all I saw was black Americans selling stuffs in the street, and while they trying to dodge the police.

    But then I turn around, I see immigrants especially Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs who all have legal shops and doing very well...

    I began to think why African Americans have to live that?

    We came to a conclusion, Black people don’t like to take responsibility at all. They care only about themselves, so there community suffer because of that.

    Even when God created the earth, he made everything and all things to take responsibility for something. The air has a purpose, the trees has his purpose, the water has purpose, and the animals knows their responsibility. You as human what is your life purpose? And how do you use it to help your environment? Is the big question majority of people have failed to answer.

    Please join our online group @slaticos to learn more.

    Thanks Kemi for sharing.

    Warm Regards

  4. You should be ashamed of yourself, writing such blatantly racist articles against other black persons. How would you like it if black Americans wrote an article titled, "Why are Nigerians criminals and scammers?"
    For shame.


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